November 17, 2014

Altered V7-I "Inspired by Kurt Rosenwinkel"

I actually like this dominant V lick that Michael McClintock posted on YouTube.
The triads has that Rosenwinkel signatur sound to it, thatI've described earlier. That is properly also the reason Michael titled the video Altered V7-I "Inspired by Kurt Rosenwinkel"

Check out his site:

- Download as .PDF

October 24, 2014

'Stablemates' Transcription

Alfonso from Italy has send me a very comprehensive transcription of Kurts solo over the Benny Golson standard "Stable Mates". He writes:
I’m sending my Stablemates Kurt solo transcription from Tuscia Jazz 2014 concert.

The solo lines are really complex and intricate, I would like that you post this transcription in order to share with other people to try to understand something more about harmonic solution and choice of notes.

I hope that we can analyze and decrypt some Kurt secrets…
The solo takes up an impressive six pages in the PDF file (nice job Alfonso), and Alfonso even included the .GPX file.

- Download .PDF
- Download .GPX

The transcription starts at about 45:00 at this link:

September 25, 2014

Sylvain Courtney on "All the things you are"

Sylvain Courtney has transcribed a line from "All the things you are" recorded at the Gdansk clinic.

Sylvian was attracted to what Kurt is playing in measure 10 (Fm7) and check out what he discovered here.

September 16, 2014

Scale Patterns – Accented Exercises

Matt Warnock has written a post about adding melodic accents to scale practice. This excercise is taken from a Rosenwinkel masterclass in Italy. Matt has expanded it a bit, and since he's from Brazil, he has added a Samba beat to the accents and put it in an article as well.

Spice up your scale practice routine by visiting Matt's site.